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DIGITAL LINK is a connection system based on HDBaseT™ technology that supports the transmission of HDMI signals, uncompressed 4K (4.2.0) video*, Full HD video, audio, and control commands through a single LAN cable for very long distances—up to 150 m (492 ft) in Long Reach Mode**. It’s a simple, high-quality digital transmission technology that works to reduce installation cost and complexity in venues of all sizes. 


It’s Cost Effective

Simplified Installation

- Less chance of system failure with fewer cables and receivers

Lower Infrastructure Cost

- Reduces cost of control system upgrades

- Reduces cost of external receivers

- Reduces total cost of AV control software


It Reaches Further

Ideal for Large Auditoriums

- Supports 4K video* over distances of up to 50 m (164 ft) with a single LAN cable

- Allows 1080/60p signal transmission for up to 150 m (492 ft) via a single LAN cable using RJ45 connectors and in Long Reach Mode**


It’s of Better Quality

Trusted Japanese Engineering

- Enables digital connection of uncompressed 4K* and Full HD video, audio, LAN, and control commands

- Minimizes image and sound degradation

- Enables greater system reliability when connecting Panasonic component


 what is digital link


Simple One-to-One Connection

DIGITAL LINK is a simple way to route digital signals to a single display over long distances. With the addition of an ET-YFB100G, multiple source devices can be connected to a central hub with outgoing signals transmitted through a single cable to the display device, saving on installation cost.


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Simple One-to-One Connection


Distribution to Two Displays

The ET-YFB200G Switcher can route signals from a single source device to two display devices simultaneously. Full HD video can be transmitted for distances of up to 150 m (492 ft)*, making DIGITAL LINK technology ideal for large venues.


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Distribution to Two Displays


Products which the Digital Link has been used in;

PT-RQ32K, PT-RZ31K / RS30K, PT-RQ13K, PT-RZ12K/RS11K, PT-DZ21K2 / DS20K2 / DW17K2 / DZ16K2, PT-RZ970 / RW930/RX110, PT-RZ770 / RW730, PT-RZ660 / RW620, PT-RZ575, PT-RZ570W / RZ570B, PT-DZ780 / DW750 / DX820, PT-EZ590 / EW650 / EX620, PT-FZ570 / FW530 / FX500



* Supported on the PT-RQ32K and PT-RQ13K projectors and LQ70/LQ70L professional displays (as of June 2016). 4K signal transmission for up to 50 m (164 ft) requires CAT 5e cable or above.
** Long Reach Mode is available on the PT-RQ32K, PT-RZ31K/RS30K, PT-RQ13K, PT-RZ12K/RS11K, PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2/DW17K2/DZ16K2, PT-RZ970/RW930/RX110, PT-RZ770/RW730, PT-RZ660/RW620, PT-RZ575, PT-RZ570W/RZ570B, PT-DZ780/DW750/DX820, PT-EZ590/EW650/EX620, PT-FZ570/FW530/FX500 projectors and LF80 professional displays (as of June 2016). Up to 100 m (328 ft) in Normal Mode.

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