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Considering the modern attitudes in communication era and structural changes of organizations, the conference halls advanced from traditional halls into upgraded day-to-day multipurpose halls with advanced audiovisual systems.

Among these changes are the use of conference microphones with various capabilities, automatic imaging, documentation, central control of conference equipment and communication with other sites (videoconferencing). Apart from the importance of space and decoration of conference halls and the number of participants in the sessions, appropriate audiovisual and control systems are inseparable part of any conference hall.

The following video, displays a precise vision of one of the largest digital video project installation in Iran. This project was installed and implemented by our colleagues in Ertebat Co. in the 22nd district of Tehran.

In the project, 41 ten-inch televic Unicos units were installed. It should be noted that our specialists utilized from Panasonic (for imaging purposes), D.A.S and Midas audio systems, as well as Sennheiser’s microphones.



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