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To expand its product portfolio, Ertebat Co. has begun collaborating with a German studio monitor manufacturer " HEDD ", as their exclusive distributer in Iran.


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" HEDD’s innovative studio monitors connect newest analog loudspeaker technology with the requirements of a contemporary, that is, hybrid digital/analog audio workspace. Regardless of its particular design, we believe that a studio monitor should be suited to function as a tool that, marking the last link of the signal chain, can evaluate raw recordings and mixes-in-progress with the same precision that it would bring to already mastered productions. In order to guarantee a sound that transports a music production’s sonic pattern in its utmost transparency, Klaus Heinz has selected only the most professional and powerful components. We have chosen particularly stable, matt black and unibody-like casings, which come with front panels of up to 38mm thickness. These super solid casings ensure that the sound remains stable and effortless even at the full capacity of the powerful amplifier modules that the Danish manufacturer ICEpower® provides. These amplifiers offer first-rate measurements, high efficiency, and of course: great sound. "


HEDD studio monitors' test report

The HEDD Type 30 studiomonitors are the largest models of the "Series One" series from the manufacturer Heinz Electrodynamic Designs. This very young company is the company of Klaus Heinz, the founder and former chief developer of Adam Audio. While Type 05 and Type 07 Series Series boxes are designed for near-field use, HEDD now also offers mid-field monitors with the Type 30, designed for professional studios with larger premises. Since some technical details, such as the HEDD Bridge option, match the Type 07 boxes and have already been explained in detail in the related test, a new description will be omitted. The report on the HEDD Type 07 can be found here ....  ( download the full document below )


ِDownload the full Test HEDD Studio Monitors from the below ↓


Test HEDD Studio Monitors' Document


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