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Technology leader Panasonic will be providing at least 110 units of PT-DZ21K2 series projectors and other AV equipment for the Rio Olympic Games. A long term partner for the Olympic Games, Panasonic has become the ‘Official Ceremony Partner’ for the first time at Rio Olympics. 

Panasonic to provide more than 100 high brightness projectors for Rio Olympic Ceremonies
Panasonic will use the high-tech projectors to provide turnkey visual operations during the opening and closing ceremonies. The PT-DZ21K2 is an impressive 20,000-lumen projector that has been designed to work in multiple broadcast environments alongside LED screen display systems, and professional sound systems, making it an ideal choice for large-scale events. It features a multi-screen support system that seamlessly connects multiple projections.


The PT-DZ21K2 is well known for creating the largest projected image at the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light”. Over 100 projectors created a 19,099 sqm image on to a group of Ministry of Defense buildings during the festival in 2015.

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