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On January 25th , Ertebat Co. held a Panasonic Seminar.



Panasonic Projectors Seminar


At this event which was held at ESPINAS hotel, Panasonic's projectors were introduced. The Seminar began by Ms. Kazemi, greeting the attendees and introducing Sales Marketing Manager of Panasonic, Mr. Haruta, who attended the Seminar and took part in the presentation.



After introducing the Panasonic company, Mr. Mostafa Ghamari, began the introduction of Panasonic's product lines by introducing "Laser Projectors", Panasonic's newest projectors and their features in full detail.

 segal medias manager

 Nima Eshqi Pour, CEO of Segal Media


Also after introduction, in a question and answer session, attendees' questions were answered. During the seminar, Mr. Porfekr a dignified member of this industry who has recently been retired was praised.




Question & Answer session


 Projectors such PT-RZ970, PT-RZ470, PT-RZ570 and the series of ET-D75LE6, ET-D75 LE90 and ET-DLO30 with UST (Ultra Short Throw), portrated PT-RZ570 were at the Seminar.


open port

Open Port Platform




Panasonic Laser Series Projectors


team of seminar

Team of Seminar


 end of seminar

 Group picture at the end of Seminar



Gallery of the Seminar


Video of the Seminar



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