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Sennheiser Professional Seminar held in two days, May 30th and May 31th in ESPINAS Palace Hotel ( in Behroud Sq., Sa'adat Abad, Tehran ).

- First Day of Seminar :

First day of Seminar started by John Mc. Gregor and Mig Cardamone who are Middle-east Sales Managers with the subject of Broadcast and Media, invitees from IRIB, Audio Studios, Broadcast Project Managers ( in Out Sport Places, Documenting, etc. ) and recording in Studios ( by using Sennheiser and Neumann Audio Technology ) held.

First Day

- Second day of Seminar :

In the second and last day, with subject " Business and Implementation Communication " and presense of invitees from IT managers, AV from Governmental Organizations, Installation Implementators, Hotels, Educational places like Institues and Universities and Rental parts presented by two Middle-east Sales Mangers of Sennheiser Company, John Mc. Gregor and Mig Cardamone.

Second Day

Seminar Agenda :

Seminar comprises two Agenda times :

For the first day, products in fields of AVX system, Esfera, MKH, ENG G3 and KH120 (from Neumann Company) presented and introduced completely and for second day Spechline DW, Conference Systems and Sychronized Interpreter with Wired and Wireless Microphone, Headphones and Headsets and ADN, ADN-W and Teamconnect Wireless System with Sennheiser Anntenas completely discussed by Presentors.

but, about Softwares which are working with Sennheiser's AV sets like Wireless System Manager ( for monitoring and control Sennheiser Wireless sets ) and Sennheiser Control Cockpit ( which is controling Speechline sets ). But, an applicable Software of Sennheiser is MobileConnect that is working by an access point modem and the software to send the audio over the channel out side e.g. theatre, opera and centre musical by using WiFi technology completley with best and high quality.


Team of Seminar

Techtalks' interview with Technical Experts and Sales Manager of Sennheiser company and Ertebat Sedaye Bartar

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