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Televic was originally formed in Belgium in 1946 and has an independent financial position ensuring its clients' complete confidence when placing high value on long term projects in its care. Dynamic growth has continued over recent years with subsidiaries in France, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and China now providing a management and skill base of over 500 employees.

Mr. Bart Deschodt, Televic’s General Manager states:
“The approach of Ertebat is perfectly aligned with Televic Conference’s strategy and long-term commitment to the market: developing solutions that create value and offer the best possible user experience. Televic is therefore extremely honored to have Ertebat as their exclusive distributor for Iran. It will definitely strengthen our positioning as a global player.“

“I am very happy and honored that we have started our cooperation with Televic, and I am sure that we will have a bright future with them. We both place an emphasis on swift, accurate service and innovative products and solutions. These shared values will ensure Ertebat and Televic capture a large share of the conference market in Iran”, adds Mohammad Reza, CEO of Ertebat Co .



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