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Confidea F-CI


The Confidea F-CI is a chairman panel for discussion systems withsimultaneous interpretation. Its small form factor allows a minimalistic integration into the meeting room furniture.

The integrated speaker creates a distributed sound field in the meeting room, increasing intelligibility without the need for an additional room sound system. The panel has a screw-lock connector to fit a Confidea microphone.

For the hearing impaired a 3,5 mm jack socket is provided to connect headphones or a hearing loop. For simultaneous interpretation, the panel has a channel selector andheadphones volume adjustment. The information display shows the ISO code of the selected language and volume setting.

Compared to the delegate version, this chairman panel has an additional "next-in-line" and "priority" button.





- For discussion and interpretation

- Microphone button

- Integrated loudspeaker

- Headphones connector

- Headphones volume adjustment

- Language channel selector

- Channel information display

- Priority and 'Next' button

- Screw-lock socket for removable microphone

- Round corners


- Two RJ 45 connectors for loop through cabling

- 3,5 mm jack socket for headphones

- Compatible with Plixus Engines

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