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D-Cerno D/DL


The D-Cerno D is a delegate discussion unit that comes in a stylish design that is minimised in height, without compromising sound quality.
With the touch sensor button technology, it is probably the most hygienic conference unit on the market. The touch button is perfectly flush and there are no gaps around the button were dirt and germs can collect. It is therefore very easy to clean and disinfect.
The shielded microphone is immune to interference from mobile phones, guaranteeing perfect sound at all times.
The integrated headphones connection comes with a conveniently placed volume control, again using touch sensor button technology.
The digital bus connections are concealed under the unit, to not interfere with the stylish design of the unit. While connected, there is no need to worry about what is IN or OUT as the unit itself detects the direction of the signal flow automatically.
The D-Cerno DL delegate discussion unit has a microphone with a length of 50 cm, instead of the standard 30 cm.

Architect Specifications 

The delegate unit shall have a shielded microphone, immune to interference from mobile phones.
The delegate unit shall be equipped with a headphone connector and an integrated headphone volume control.
The buttons on the unit shall be completely flush with the surface of the unit and around the buttons there are no gaps so that the unit can easily be disinfected
The digital bus connections of the delegate unit shall autodect the signal flow, so that IN and OUT are equivalent and do not have to be of concern during set-up. The connectors are not visible when the unit is placed on the table.



* Digital signal processing
* Stylish, unobtrusive, low profile design
* Hygienic touch sensor technology
* Shielded microphone
* High quality integrated loudspeaker
* Concealed conference bus connections
* Microphone LED ring
* Bi-color bar indicator
* Download Catalouge : D-Cerno D/DL
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