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Zoom ARQ

New Product

All-In-One Production and Live Performance Instrument

Music is a voyage of discovery. One that now goes much further with the creation of the ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak.

The ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak is an all-in-one production and live performance instrument which includes an integrated drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller with a built-in accelerometer. Even more, ARQ is freedom. With its wireless Bluetooth® Ring Controller, you can escape the booth, move the music, and get in front of the crowd. In stores now.


The Only Drum Machine for Performers

Not only does ARQ allow you to create incredible drum parts and patterns, you can also use the Ring Controller as a live instrument. Play it while mounted to the Base Station, or remove it to take your performance to the front of the stage. ARQ comes with a multitude of editable PCM drum and instrument sounds organized into 79 genre-specific kits, and you can also develop 20 kits of your own, complete with effects. Once you perform with ARQ, you'll never use another drum machine again.


Features at a Glance

- Drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper, clip launcher, and MIDI controller in one device

- Includes 468 drum/instrument sounds ("one-shot" sampled waveform sounds), 70 types of synthesizer sounds, and dozens of digital effects

- Ring Controller can be used wirelessly as a handheld aerial instrument and to launch audio clips from DAW software

- 96 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads and 160 programmable color LEDs

- Grip Detection to automatically prevent accidental note triggering

- 3-axis accelerometer for altering effects parameters and sending MIDI control messages

- Dedicated buttons for sequence REC/PLAY/STOP and for effects on/off

- Use up to 5 effects simultaneously, applied to overall drum kit or individual drum sounds

- Split mode allows one instrument to be assigned to multiple pads for ease of input

- Onboard mixer for setting volumes and muting/soloing parts

- Flexible precount, quantize, swing, and beat settings

- Audible and/or visual click

- Dual 1/4" inputs for phrase recording and loop creation

- Audio capture from patterns and songs, from SD card, or from incoming audio signal

- Create up to 96 mono or stereo loops, play up to 16 mono loops simultaneously

- Loop start and end points can be adjusted manually

- Loop tempo synchronization, pitch change, and reverse playback functions

- Programmable synthesizer engine 

- 538 oscillator types and 16-voice polyphony

- Sound-shaping controls include effects, envelope generators, and stepped and smooth modulation

- Play sounds chromatically, or choose from dozens of preset scales in any key

- Adjustable pad velocity and pressure sensitivity

- Dedicated tap tempo button for synchronization

- Selectable LED light-show animations 

- Dual 1/4" line outputs and separate 1/4" headphone output with dedicated volume control

- USB port and SD card slot

- Bluetooth LE for low power consumption and extended usage times

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